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The Pi Psi Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi is the premier co-ed business fraternity in Baruch College. Founded in 2010, the Pi Psi Chapter guides and shapes students at Baruch into strong business professionals. We are not only dedicated to fostering our professional development, but also focused on giving back through various community service events, social events, and other extracurricular activities. 


To prepare brothers for the professional world, Delta Sigma Pi stresses the practice of professionalism by focusing on etiquette, appearance, and demeanor both in and out of the workplace. By maintaining professionalism, we differentiate ourselves from other individuals in the business world.


Brotherhood is a relationship that lasts a lifetime. Delta Sigma Pi holds a commitment to a diverse brotherhood that welcomes people from all backgrounds. Our brothers create a bond that is unique to the fraternity and reflective of our collective passions to achieve goals in the business world.


As brothers of Delta Sigma Pi, we believe it is our duty to protect the community we live in and give back. Not only does helping our community bring positive change, but it also strengthens our bond. We, then, feel rewarded and humbled to be able to make a difference through our initiatives.


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A Message From Our President

The Pi Psi chapter was established on October 23rd, 2010 in hopes of bringing together passionate business students who aspire to gain leadership experience, expand their professional network, and develop a lifelong bond of brotherhood.

Since our establishment, our chapter has managed to create a diverse community of 250+ brothers working in fields ranging from technology, advertising, auditing, investment banking, and even entrepreneurship. For any ambitious individuals looking to gain professional guidance, the Pi Psi chapter offers an unmatched network on the Baruch College campus.

Beyond our focus on professional excellence, our fraternity also devotes time towards community service and other social experiences. By engaging in activities including cancer walks, charity fundraisers, and international traveling, our brothers are focused on giving back to their communities while also making a mark for Delta Sigma Pi.

If you seek to join a community filled with passionate, well-rounded students, I highly recommend that you attend our upcoming recruitment events to learn more about the people and values of our fraternity.






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