Delta Sigma Pi is America's Foremost Business Fraternity offering its members a lifetime of opportunities.




Our Fraternity is built on Three pillars




To prepare brothers for the professional world, Delta Sigma Pi stresses the practice of professionalism by focusing on etiquette, appearance, and demeanor both in and out of the workplace. By maintaining professionalism, we differentiate ourselves from other individuals in the business world.



Brotherhood is a relationship that lasts a lifetime. Delta Sigma Pi holds a commitment to a diverse brotherhood that welcomes people from all backgrounds. Our brothers create a bond that is unique to the fraternity and reflective of our collective passions to achieve goals in the business world.


Community Service

 As brothers of Delta Sigma Pi, we believe it is our duty to protect the community we live in. Not only does helping our community bring positive change, but it also increases our feeling of brotherhood. We ultimately feel rewarded by being able to make a difference in the lives of the individuals we touch through our programs.

We are Baruch College's Premier Co-ed Professional Business Fraternity.


Since our inception in the Fall of 2010, we have provided our members and campus community with endless opportunities to develop themselves professional through networking events and workshops we hold throughout the year.



After joining Delta Sigma Pi, many of our members go on to pursue internships at a variety of prestigious organizations. Even after graduating, many of our alumni are able to obtain full-time offers at the companies shown below.

Members of our fraternity have participated in many competitions and have received awards in recognition to their achievement.


Here is a list of our most recent achievements.