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If you are interested in becoming a member of our fraternity you must attend at least 2 events and 1 GIM to qualify for an interview. Once you meet these requirements we will contact you for an interview. It is very important that you attend the interview if you would like to be considered as a candidate for selection. We conduct interviews to get to know more about you such as your background and interests. We then evaluate each candidate holistically before making our decision.

If you have any other questions regarding recruitment please check out the FAQs section below or go to contact to email us.

Please be sure to follow us on social media to get updates and details on our recruitment events.


Hope you're excited to meet us, just as much as we are! This semester we decided to go show you guys a bit more of what our brotherhood is all about. Watch as some brothers travel through Asia, building stronger bonds with one another.



Do I have to major in business to become a member?

No, some of our members do not pursue business-related careers or majors. Our professional training program is relevant to all career paths.

Do I need to have any professional experience?

Not necessarily, our members come from a variety of different professional backgrounds so we appreciate all kinds of prior experiences, including jobs (e.g. service or retail), extracurricular activities, and on-campus involvement.

What should I expect from the interview? How can I prepare for it?

The interview is just an opportunity for us to get to know you better. Prepare as you normally would for any regular job interview.

How do you decide whom to invite to join your organization?

We review and evaluate each candidate holistically. Some of the factors we take into account are participation during recruitment week, interest in DSP, past experiences, personality, and ambitions.

How would you define your ideal candidate?

We look for individuals with great potential and a desire to contribute to the organization. Beyond that, we welcome and appreciate all candidates.

What can I do to improve my chances of getting selected?

Every semester, we receive many qualified applications so making a positive, lasting impression is key. This includes actively participating in our recruitment events, making strong connections with our members, and being well-prepared for the interview. More importantly just be yourself.

How many people receive an invitation to join every semester?

We give out as many invitations as there are qualified candidates. We do not have a quota or minimum, so this is not a factor in our decision-making process.

If I don’t get a bid, can I try to join again next semester?

Absolutely, trying to join multiple times demonstrates determination which is a great trait that we look for in our candidates.

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Thank you for taking the first step to looking into your curiosity in Delta Sigma Pi and reaching us at our website. Recruitment is unarguably the best and most fulfilling time of the semester because brothers get to share their personal stories on why they joined the fraternity and how their relationship with the fraternity has grown and continued to flourish.

It is the time when many students on campus come out and find out what Pi Psi Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi's core values of brotherhood, community service, and professional stand for in our lives. This is a great opportunity for you to learn each of our backgrounds from our internship experiences to our extracurricular activities as well.

During recruitment, we organize events during convenient times and locations for you to have the most fun times learning from our current brothers on campus. Be sure to come out to our diverse list of events, as shown on our latest recruitment calendar, and feel free to reach out to any of the heads of recruitment and recruitment chairs for any questions.

Good luck! We hope you enjoy the events we have in store for you. It will be an exciting experience meeting you all, and we cannot wait to meet you all! I wish you the best of luck.